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Pitch Black: A Dusklight Story - The 'AAA' Audio Game

Get ready to usher in a new era of audio games.

Kickstarter -  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pitchblackgame/pitch-black-the-aaa-audio-game 

The Game
Pitch Black is a narrative driven, 3D binaural audio game (entirely accessible to the blind and VI community), featuring explorable, immersive sound worlds, a complex dramatic story and multiple innovative audio mechanics based on psycho-acoustic principles. It's an ambitious project, that has a scope larger than anything of its kind. It's set to release in October 2020, for PC/MacOS/Linux, and for iOS/Android. The Kickstarter campaign, nearly funded after 5 days, is in full flow right now.

A 5-6 hour, fully voice acted narrative  

- A Story told through characterful, wonderful voice acting. From market sellers in the City, to Guards at the gates, to Ghouls in the sewers.  

An Expansive and Richly Developed World! 
- Pitch Black is set in a fully developed alternate world, and this narrative takes place in and around the densely populated City of Dusklight. (see the narrative overview below!)

Unique Audio Mechanics based on Psycho-acoustic and Physical principles
- Auditory Focus Mechanic (enhanced cocktail party effect)
- Audio Sign-Posts (aiding cognitive mapping)
- Activated Distance Sonar (for use when navigating confined spaces)
- Cognitive Biasing (directing attention through evolutionary importance)
- Audio Occlusion Puzzles (using partial and total occlusion)
- ..and many more.

3D (Binaural) Audio
- Complete 3D Audio featuring state-of-the-art spatialisation.

Dynamic Replayability Model 

- Three fully voice-acted versions of each main character in the game!
- Unique, emergent soundscapes at each play due to randomisation.
- Procedural generation of occlusion puzzles in-game.
- Audio-based arcade mini-games, featuring audio versions of classics like pong, and space invaders.
- Dense, and rich, fully explorable sound worlds, with hidden world building to those that venture off the beaten-path.
- Additional Soundscapes within Soundscapes through in-game simulations.

Who are Purple Jam Ltd?
Upon reassessing our omnidirectional lives, we decided to gather our intellectual resources and create the game of all games; Pitch Black: A Dusklight Story. Harry Cooper, commonly known as ‘The Mastermind’ in a flash of inspiration, had the idea of creating a binaural based audio game. Naturally, Connor and Jordan were instantly on board. Using our past experience in sound design, composition, game development and narrative construction, we combined forces to create the company that we are today. With an unprecedented desire to excel in creative industries, we set upon our journey to create a diverse, deep and exciting journey through our dark and eccentric world.

Tech Demo Gameplay by YouTuber 'Illegally Sighted' -  https://youtu.be/pLGWFGdn_e0

Binaural Trailer - https://youtu.be/ZDvv7O-LD7U

Character Trailers - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClPlJqS3bqM&list=PLPKODfyzE5oJHTD0mH2_B0fEwZyN5ggHg

Narrative Overview - https://youtu.be/QJbNNGLuGx8 

Development Vlogs - https://youtu.be/h2yKZTmTd8M?list=PLPKODfyzE5oKldssJcw5Q9npg2q7-RuxC  

Twitter - https://twitter.com/dusklightpro
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/PitchBlackADusklightStory/
Discord - https://discord.gg/mvaxWrj


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